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Awakening of Sexual Desire – Saori Hara

Monday, September 3rd, 2012

Studio: SOD

Studio #: STAR201


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Game in SOD Headquarters Building – Saori Hara , Ai Haneda , Nina , Riri Kuribayashi

Sunday, July 29th, 2012









Studio: SOD

Studio Number: STAR-250

Gamiest Movie of the Week awarded the week of 2012-07-18. These girls may be AV stars, but as they enter the SOD offices, they’re surprised by a live filming crew! Many are even sans-makeup, and try to avoid the camera. Pretty funny! I wish I understood Japanese, because this seems like a really cool idea and a different perspective of some of our favorite girls. As for the sex, it’s pretty wild and it’s a real fun, casual party atmosphere in the office. I couldn’t follow what all the games were about, but it’s a great watch from start to finish. With so many top stars, you’d expect it to be!

Brown eyes – Saori Hara

Monday, February 13th, 2012









Studio: SOD

Studio Number: Star-164

Traveling to Frankfurt, Saori Hara discusses her views from family to sex. Arriving in the hotel room Saori and her travel companion holding the camera have a great long scene with her sexy body bouncing all over. Her pussy is dripping as they work up a major sweat.

This is a story about Saori from beginning to end that is great for those that want to get to know the star. Following their week long trip, there are multiple sex scenes with loads of hot action, until ultimately traveling home. This is how most vacations should be.

Frustrated Seductress

Friday, December 16th, 2011

Studio Number: STAR-214

Studio: SOD

A drunken employee holds a knife on Saori so she obeys and bends over a desk. He lifts up her skirt, pulls up her panties and tells her to wiggle her hips. He pulls off her panties and slowly fingers her pussy to make it wet. He takes off his clothes and slides his cock in her pussy causing her to grind her hips against it. He lies down on his back so she leans against the sofa and gets fucked and receives a load of cum over her ass.

After a bad meeting Saori opens her blouse to show off her tits to an employee and is glad that he grabs her breasts and kisses her. They lustfully kiss so she takes off her panties, sits on her knees and gets finger fucked and releases fluids all over the top of the desk. She gets off the desk and quickly undresses the man and moans in pleasure as she sucks him off. He leans against a desk so she leans her body against him to take his cock into her pussy and get fucked. He lifts her up and places her on the desk where he keeps pounding her until pulling out and giving her a mouthful of cum.

After hours Saori is alone with two male colleagues and surprises the one by pulling his pants down and sucks his cock. The other employee walks up behind her and wraps her arms around to fondle her breasts as she sucks off the other man. She stand up, pulls off her skirt and the men slap her ass. She gets onto all fours on top of a desk to suck one man off as the other gets her squirting fluids by fingering her pussy. She gets off the table to suck them both off but places her ass in the air to get one of them to fuck her. She fucks them both in various positions around the office and is rewarded by two loads over her ass.

Actress AV Debut – Saori Hara

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

Studio: SOD

Studio #: STAR-141

The first scene involves a fairly lengthy interview with Saori. She shows us her cat and answers a bunch of questions. Then a bunch of guys come in the room and start jerking off and cumming into her hands.

The next scene heats up as a guy is rubbing Saori’s tits from behind and she starts getting excited. The man then pours oil all over her tits and rubs them. Saori gets so excited you can see her getting wet under her panties. The scene ends shortly afterwards.

In the next scene Saori finally gets to have some sex. The guy start off playing with her tits. Saori really seems to get off on having her tits rubbed. The guy then spreads her legs to show how wet she is. He then licks her pussy and she seems to be enjoying it. He then starts to finger her and she starts to tear up because it is so intense but she seems to love it. She then blows him for a bit. The guy finally starts to fucks her, then she rides him. He finally cums on her. She tears up a little bit at the end from the intense sex she just had.

SOD new comer and debut collection jan 2011

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

SOD new comer and debut collection jan 2011


Actress: Saori Hara

Studio: SOD

Product Number: SDMT-355

Eight SOD chestnut January release, anthology which I take it and give it, and all 36 title can watch how in … February!!From 1 recommended push title to an enthusiastic title, it is one advantageous which all the release works can watch in January. You who want to watch you who are at a loss by the purchase, an SOD work in once a lot look at this anthology by all means. I am sure to get that a title of you preference is found!!






Screenshots from Saori Hara

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

Whether you like Asians or not, you can’t resist Saori Hara. Saori is the famous Japanese Adult Model, which began after she won Teen Idol in Japan. Though many got angry at her for this decision, I support her because if she doesn’t take so many good movies, we won’t be able to see her and more her so much….

Japanese Pornstar in 3D Movie GARO RED REQUIEM

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Saori Hara in the upcoming 3D Movie Garo Red Requiem. The story is based on the original TV drama series GARO and will be released in Japan on October 30.

Pornstar Saori Hara SOD Party with Super Tits Actress Hitomi etc

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Saori Hara Blue Micro Bikini and Naked Picture

Friday, September 3rd, 2010